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Property Law means the rights that people have in things and with the transfer, creation and extinction of these rights.  It covers the purchase and sale of a house or the lease of a shop and what happens to property on death.  It is a mixture of statutory law and common law and is constantly being reformed and updated.

If you want to transfer your house to your children for nothing or buy or sell property we can help you.  We have years of experience in remortgaging and purchase and sale.  In Scotland the work of a solicitor is not just limited to carrying out the conveyancing.  The solicitor also deals with the negotiations leading up to the purchase and sale and indeed in Scotland the majority of properties are bought and sold by solicitors.

Of all the people who might be involved at one stage or another in the sale of a house such a surveyor, estate agent, insurance broker, banker or accountant only a lawyer has the overall knowledge and training to co-ordinate all of the various steps and carry through the transaction from the point when the seller decides to put their property on the market up to the point where the purchaser completes the purchase by settling the price and taking possession of the property. 

When buying or selling a property the title needs to be examined and various reports need to be obtained.  Missives need to be negotiated and concluded and the legal transfer documents prepared, revised and signed.  If there is a loan involved then a Standard Security might have to be prepared for signature by the client or discharged.

Property can range from a small tenement flat to a large housing development.  The work of a solicitor dealing with property is as varied as the types of property he/she deals with.

At Ramsay & Co we can help you buy or sell your house and prepare all the necessary deeds and documents.  If you want advice on this matter or any other relating to property then please do not hesitate to call us.  If we cannot help you then we will know of a solicitor who can.”


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