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Ramsay & Co is dedicated to providing legal services to older people in a caring and sensitive way. Sometimes older people find it stressful to prepare properly for their future and the future of their families.

For that reason, our aim is to remove the stress of seeing a lawyer. Hence, we will do work on legal aid where possible, and where legal aid is not available our fees are competitive and affordable.

Furthermore, we do find many older clients put off doing things they know they really should do. Do not fall into that trap, it makes things worse in the long run.

Vulnerable People 

Not only we assist older people but are also experienced in helping other vulnerable groups in society. As a result, we operate the same code of practice in dealing with these groups and seek to provide legal services in a caring and sensitive way.


Legal Aid

In contrast to other lawyers, we assess all clients for legal aid. In fact, many vulnerable people do qualify. Most importantly, if a client qualifies for legal aid we will get it for them. In areas of work with vulnerable people, for example applying for some guardianships, legal aid is not means-tested. Effectively, non means-tested means free legal aid.


Mental Health

Undoubtedly, a detention under the mental health legislation can be devastating for individuals and families. Fortunately, free legal aid is available to any detained patient. For that reason, we are happy to do hospital visits. Moreover, we can get second medical opinions and appear at tribunals as necessary. Likewise, we can liaise and assist the “Named Person” chosen by the patient to assist. Equally important, we can apply for the named person for free legal aid. Again, if a person with a mental illness wishes to make an Advance Statement under the legislation, legal aid is available for that too. Should the patient want to do a statement formally, we can assist in challenging Compulsory Treatment Orders where appropriate.


Loss of Legal Capacity

Ideally, all older people should anticipate possible future incapacity by preparing a power of attorney. For example, when incapacity strikes then court applications for guardianships orders are necessary. Therefore, we are familiar with this work and we try to explain the court proceedings in simple terms.


Home Visits and Free First Interviews

These are available to all vulnerable clients where necessary. Furthermore, visits can be made to hospitals, care homes and sheltered housing units as necessary. In general, many vulnerable clients find visits to solicitors’ offices a bit daunting and we try to respond to that where we reasonably can.


Here to Help

If you have a professional, social or family connection with any vulnerable person possibly in need of legal help please do not hesitate to phone. We are happy to discuss matters on the telephone, give guidance and advice towards possible solutions with no charge or obligation whatsoever.

Phone 0141 370 0407 to find out if you qualify for Legal Aid or email

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