At Ramsay & Co we can provide a notarial service in relation to the undernoted:-

  • Oaths
  • Affidavits
  • Immigration or sponsorship forms
  • Residence certificates
  • Education qualification verification
  • Permission for children to travel abroad
  • Adoption documents and verification
  • Passport photos and true likeness certificates
  • Change of name Statutory Declarations
  • Property and mortgage documents
  • Certified copies of passports
  • Certified translations
  • Notarising cross border private agreements
  • Powers of Attorney

We can help with this process where the independent authority of a Notary Public is certified by the Government of the country in which the Notary practices.

This is usually done at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office at Milton Keynes.  If you wish to discuss matters regarding your requirements for a Notary Public.  Please contact us. Alternatively you can visit our Notary Public web-site



You may be able to claim Irish Citizenship. We have found ourselves regularly notarising documents for people who want to do this. If a grandparent was born on the Island of Ireland (North or South), you are eligible. You would first of all register eligibility for Irish Citizenship and then apply for a Passport.

You will need to provide the Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates for people along the chain to the grandparent. Changes of names or adoptions also need documented. You then simply apply to register as an Irish Citizen. It is at that stage that you might need a Notary Public. Once this has been granted you can apply for a Passport. This costs about £70 for ten years and, again, you require a Notary Public at this stage.

Normally the total cost of applying for Irish Citizenship and a Passport is about £500. The process time for Citizenship is about six to eight months and a Passport about two months.

It is certainly something worth thinking about and we can help you with the notarisation and certification of any documents or photographs.



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