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Whether you are young or old, married or single, rich or poor, you really ought to make a will. If you don’t then your assets will be distributed according to the Scots Law of Intestacy – and this might not accord with your wishes.  Many assume that their estate will automatically go to their next of kin. That is wrong.  If you have no will  or an out of date will this could cost your family and loved-ones dearly and result in additional expense, hassle and delay when your estate comes to be wound up.

For example, if you are married or in a civil partnership, your spouse/partner may not inherit everything. Brothers, sisters, parents and children may also inherit. If you are an unmarried couple, you could be classed as a single person and your surviving partner might receive nothing.

Every parent with children under 16 should have a will so you can defer the inheritance to any age and set up a trust until they reach this age. You can also nominate guardians for your children so if you die prematurely your wishes in relation to who brings up your children will be taken into account.

A will gives single people the chance to have their estate distributed amongst friends, relatives or charities, and even if you have made a will already it is a good idea to review and possibly update it to ensure it reflects your current situation. Making a will is the only way to ensure your wishes are carried out after your death.


Not got a Will or got an old Will?

Your Estate might go to the wrong people and will cost more and probably take longer to wind up. Your will should reflect your wishes and circumstances today and its provisions reconsidered in light of changing family dynamics.

Scots Law is constantly evolving and your own circumstances might have changed since you made your will. A will drafted and executed years ago might not be the right will for today.


Plan Ahead

By having an up-to-date will you ensure that:-

• The people you want to inherit are the people who do inherit

• Your family are not left with a mess to sort out

• You choose the Executor (the person who administers your Estate)

• You help protect your assets and take care of your children for the future

• You minimise family arguments and fall-outs.


Act Now Save Later

At Ramsay & Co we have experience in the preparation of wills and winding up of estates including the marketing and sale of houses.

We offer a variety of legal services at our office on Maryhill Road at the top of Queen Margaret Drive and are happy to arrange home visits for clients who might be infirm or housebound or we can attend hospitals or nursing homes to take instructions.

The preparation of any legal document takes care and skill. At Ramsay & Co we can discuss your requirements and wishes and frame the will accordingly.

If you need to discuss any matter or want information about wills or powers of attorney please call or email us and we can arrange an appointment.


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